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Our clients have found that these simple, animated videos are great for describing how a product or service they offer is simpler, easier, or just better. Animated explainer videos are a great addition to any businesses marketing and branding package.

Project Overview

We will meet with you and discuss your needs, goals, and the intended audience for this project. We will also discuss an overall tone, style and length for your video based on this information.

Concept Development

Once we have an understanding of your goals and the intended audience, we'll develop some concepts that will deliver your message efficiently while highlighting your brand.

Outstanding Copywriting

Once we settle on the message concept, our professional and creative copywriters will write a compelling script that hits the high points of your project.

Planning the Storyboard

Once the script and the concept have been approved, we'll create a storyboard using sketches, clip art, and stock photos to give you a visual idea of how the video will flow.

Artwork Production and Voiceover

While out voiceover artists are recording the soundtrack, our visual artists will create the images and animation that will illustrate your message. When combined, your new explainer video will be rendered and sent to you for approval.

Launch and Activation

Once approved, your video will be made available to be embedded onto your website or posted on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to engage with your prospective customers and grow your brand.



Portfolio of Explainer Video Projects