TV Commercials

Playing on the election climate of 2008, Famous Tate’s latest campaign features “talking” appliances running for the “office of kitchen” in several broadcast mediums. Giving life to everyday appliances allows the Famous Tate campaign to highlight the positive aspects of new appliances while poking fun at older, tired and outdated appliances. Designed to look and sound like a political event, each of the 3 TV and radio commercials in the series focuses on an “incumbent candidate” debating a shiny and efficient “new candidate.”

A collection of character voices (Tim Wilkins, Beecher Martin, Russ Wheeler, Bonnie Agan and Rich Carey) give each “candidate” a unique personality while the narrator (Mark Winston) completes the “political” feel with a strong moderator-type reading over an original music score.

"Washer Debate Commercial"

"Refrigerator Debate Commercial"

"Range Debate Commercial"

2015 Sales Banquet

This fun video was produced for the annual sales banquet of Famous Tate Appliance and Bedding Center. Drawing from elements from pop culture including Rocky, Saturday Night Live, and several late night talk shows, the video demonstrates the benefit of hard work, preparation and dedication. Who's kidding who, it was just a vehicle to poke fun at the company's lovable General Manager and kick off another successful year. Plus, it was a great reason to spend the day on a ranch. 

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2013 Sales Banquet

This series of videos were produced for the 2013 Sales Banquet of Famous Tate Appliance and Bedding Center. Each store in the company was given the opportunity to make their case as to why they're the "best." All forms of absurdity were encouraged and the real winner was everyone in attendance at the banquet.

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